Here’s What campers and Parents have to say:


“This summer my daughter attended the She-Wolf camp for incoming 9th graders.  She got excited just reading the description of the camp, but she ended up being totally blown away by the experience.  Spending 10 days in nature, bonding with other girls her age and incredible mentors was a life changing experience for her.  We couldn't recommend the She-Wolf camp experience enough! Thank you Shannon and Olivia for providing this amazing opportunity!"

- Angie, mom of camper

“Despite attending with some real nervousness, Estel came home absolutely beaming from her 10 day trip with She-Wolf. She asked me in the car ride home if she could attend next year. She rambled on joyfully about her inspiring adventures and mentioned feeling like there was no better prep for the transition to high school than spending quality time outside and away from mirrors and screens.I couldn't agree more. Thanks so very much!”

- Sally, mom of camper

“I was incredibly nervous at first that I wouldn't make any friends or that the counselors would be bad, but it was the exact opposite. The counselors are amazing, the sites are stunning, all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life!”

- Cassie, Rising Freshman Camp 2018

“Never have I been happier than those nights around the campfire, laughing and talking as if we'd known each other for years; never felt more belonging than I felt as we hiked miles over obsidian-sprinkled trails, talking about nothing and everything... The memories we made could--and will--last me a lifetime.”

- Avery, Rising Freshman Camp 2018

Photo by Kelly Carmody

“An immense sense of self to be found with these ladies, the adventure of a lifetime. Incredible gratitude for the opportunity they give to young women. Couldn't ask for a a more grounded group of positive role models! You have given Tae'ya restoration and belief in her abilities!”

-Britta, mom of camper