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On She-Wolf adventure trips, we hike, swim, climb, play with horses, camp, cook our meals outside, tie knots, travel in vans, jam to sweet tunes, play games, laugh a lot, and learn from the amazing people who live and work around the landscapes we explore—biologists, farmers, naturalists, horse trainers, cooks, carpenters, artists and teachers. 

Nature can be a powerful refuge, a space away from the grind of life in cities and towns, from the stress of school, friend drama, social media, perfectionism… at She-Wolf, we will set these things aside and live with basic realities of weather, food, personal safety and group dynamics. We will see so many beautiful things every day that your friends at home won’t believe you. Think mountains, rivers, glacial lakes, wildflowers, baby horses—if we keep going, you won’t believe us either. 

Photo by Kelly Carmody

At She-Wolf, we teach careful and creative decision making. We encourage attentiveness and sensitivity to the great diversity of landscapes, plants, animals, people and cultures in the world around us. We understand that it is a privilege to safely explore the world outdoors. We hope to participate in building a world where “outdoor education” is accessible to kids and adults from all racial, socioeconomic, cultural and gender identity experiences. 

Whew! What a world we live in. She-Wolf is here to lead you through some of this bold, complex planet and show you that you can be a leader, too. 

Come adventure with us. We can hardly wait.


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