Shannon Pepper

Shannon's first forays around the Columbia Gorge in her dad's backpack proved to be formative, because she's been at it ever since. She grew up nearby in Portland, Oregon and spent her summers hiking and wrangling horses for Ekone Ranch in eastern Washington, where she learned to love the taste of dirt and getting tired in that particular way that happens after long days in the sun. She holds a bachelor's degree in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana, where she worked for the school's Outdoor Program as a rock climbing guide. Since then, she's hiked the 2,770-mile Pacific Crest Trail and taught ecology at the New York Botanical Garden and The Ecology School in Maine. Shannon believes in the power of paying attention and in telling stories. She is certified as a Wilderness First Responder and in CPR/First Aid.


Olivia durif

Born in New York City, Olivia studied literature and languages at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and spent her post-grad years working on farms and exploring the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. She has taught agriculture, outdoor-education, plant science and youth-leadership at Ekone Ranch, The Catlin Gabel School, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When she’s not teaching kids outside, Olivia is a writer and editor, pursuing topics such as land, food, geographical boundaries and cultural difference. Olivia thinks having fun is a radical act and believes that you can play harder the more attentive you are to the world around you. Olivia loves exploring landscapes, both familiar and new to her, as a visitor in lands already richly inhabited with people, animals, plants and tradition. Olivia is a certified as a Wilderness First Responder and in CPR/First Aid.